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Librarian : Smt. Jagdish Kaur Kochar, (M.A. Economics) M.Lib. Sc

Asstt. Librarian : Smt. Shashi Joshi, B.Lib.

The College has a Central Library ( having 100605  books ) and other department wise Libraries.

16 Magazines45 Research Journals and 13 News Papers are subscribed regularly. All facilities for research workers in various subjects are available in the library.

Library is equipped with Reprography, TV, Audio & Video Cassettes & INTERNET facilities


Departments No. of Books in Library Departments No. of Books in Library Departments No. of Books in Library
Dept. of Botany 2837 Dept. of Biotechnology 594 Dept. of Chemistry + Industrial Chemistry 3663
Dept. of Mathematics 3599 Dept. of Physics + Electronics 3045 Dept. of Zoology 2048
Dept. of Home Science 2791 Dept. of Marathi 3404 Dept. of Foundation 77
Dept. of Foundation 77 Dept. of MicroBiology 110 Dept. of MicroBiology 110
Dept. of Computer Compu-2848
BBA- 1082
S.C./S.T. 11555 General 2526
Departments No. of Books in Library Departments No. of Books in Library Departments No. of Books in Library
Dept. of Fine Arts 1638 Dept. of English 6875 Dept. of Economics 4468
Dept. of Geography 2550 Dept. of Hindi 12557 Dept. of History 4091
Dept. of Music 1083 Dept. of Philosophy 2322 Dept. of Political Science 5510
Dept. of Psychology 869 Dept. of Sanskrit 4105 Dept. of Sociology 4600
Dept. of Urdu 1658 Dept. of Commerce 5272 B.A.L.L.B 1514+43=1557

Journal List


Katha Desh  Rachana
Sahita Amrit Madhumati
Akshara Shodhsadana
Shodhsrijan Rajbhasha Bharti
Akshar Shilpi Sahitya Samachar


The Insurance Times P.R. Communication Age
Banking Finance The Management Accountant
Mat Bulletin Case Folio
The indian journal of commerce The Analyst
Delhi Business Review Prestige
Marketing Management  Capital Market


The Quest  English Studies
Journal of Contemparary Thought Pragalis English Journal
Literary Perspectives  


Research Link                                                                             Psychology  Journal of educational and Psychological Research


Sagarika Ritam


Rheedea  Biotechnology
Journal of Environmental Resarch and Development Phyto Morphology
Current Science Asion for Microbiology Biotech
International Journal of Plant Science  


Life Science, Flora and Fauna The Asian journal of animal Genetics & Evolution
Environmental science  


Oriental Journal of Chemistry The ICP Journal of Chemistry
Coordinetes Asian Journal of Chemistry
Chemical Science  


Computational Mathematics Indian Journal  Of  Pure & Applied mathematical


The IOP Journal of Physics   Pure Applied of Industrial physics

Computer Science


History & Culture Shodhak
Sanshodhan मध्य भारती इतिहास अनुसंधान
History today  


Applied Economics Survey
Agriculture Economics Indian journal of Labour Economices
Yojna Economics & Social Research


Earth Sciences Literary Perspectives
Green Earth Evaluation  

Fine Art

Indian Arched Society


संगीत कार्यालय Karurane Adep


Shodh Sameeksha aur Mulayakan University News
The Practical Laywyer  Fikr-o-Nazar
Tahzibal A Khla & Nish  
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