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Information Regarding Reservation of seats for Admissions

Provisions of reservations as per the directives of Govt. of M.P.

  1. 15 % for SC and 18% for ST. These reservations are mutually transferable.

  2. 14% for OBC. (excluding the creamy layer)

  3. 3% for children and grand children of freedom fighters and physically disabled. The physically disabled candidates shall get 10 % weightage of marks obtained while preparing joint merit list.

  4. If a candidate secures the place in general category in open competition by virtue of marks obtained, the seats of reserved category shall remain unaffected.

  5. If the percentage of reserved seats is more than 1/2 out of them it will not be taken into account.

  6. If requisite number of applicant is not available for reserved category such seats shall be considered as unreserved.

  7. Directives issued by the Govt. of M.P. from time to time shall be binding.


  1. NSS/NCC "A" certificate - 02%

  2. NSS/NCC "B" certificate - 03%

  3. NSS/NCC "C" certificate - 04%

  4. Representation in NCC Competitions organized by state level Directorate - 04%

  5. Representation in Republic Day Celebrations, New Delhi - 05%

  6. Rajyapal Scouts - 05%

  7. Rashtrapati Scouts - 10%

  8. Best NCC Cadet in M.P. - 10%

  9. Duke of Edinburgh Award recipient NCC Cadet - 15%

  10. Selected student in NSS/NCC - Youth exchange program between India and other countries/International Jamhoori - 15%

  11. For P.G. admissions Hons. in the same subjects - 10%

  12. (a). Sports/literary/cultural/quiz competitions etc. at Inter District/Inter Divisional/Regional level organized by DPI/Higher education      department or K.V. Sanghthan.

    • Every member of the team getting first/second/third place 02%

    • Getting above positions in individual feats - 04%

    (b). Competitions as given in 1-10 above organized by association of Indian Universities or Ministry or cultural & sports/parliamentary      affairs of Govt.of India.

  13. Candidates selected for youth or scientific or cultural exchange at International level - 10%.

  14. National competition organized by sports association recognised by M.P. Government - 12%

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