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Academic Activities

National Research seminar / workshops during 9th-11th five year plan period.

  • 1998 - Pol. Sc., Hindi, Sanskrit

  • 1999 - Pol. Sc., Chemistry

  • 2000 - Pol. Sc., Hindi, Zoology, History

  • 2001 - Pol. Sc.

  • 2005 - Physics, Chemistry

  • 2007 - English, Commerce (UGC Funded) & 08 Seminar in Different Subject (Autonomous Funded)

  • 2008 - Chemistry, Geoghraphy (Autonomous Funded)

  • 2009 - Chemistry (Autonomous Funded), History (Funded by MP Itihas Parishad)

  • 2012 – History, Chemistry.

  • 2013 – Pol Sc. (UGC), Home Sc., History, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, English (IQAC) Funded by Academic Cell.

Person to whom Minor research projects are sanctioned during 9th-11th Plan by the U.G.C.


1. Dr. G.P. Sharma Pol.Sc.
2. Dr. Shobha Yadav Pol.Sc.
3. Dr. Ravi Ranjan Pol.Sc.
4. Dr. M.P. Shrivastava Sociology
5. Dr. N.A. Quereshi Sociology
6. Dr. Asha Singh Sociology
7. Dr. Sandhya Pandey Drawing & Painting
8. Dr. Neeraj Goyal History
9. Dr. M.K. Mathur History
10. Dr. Veena Shrivastafva Home Sc.
11. Dr. Jyoti Prasad Home Sc.
12. Dr. Charan Jeet Kaur Home Sc.
13. Dr. Shailja Jain Home Sc.
14. Dr. R.B. Sharma Hindi
15. Dr. Rajrani Sharma Hindi
16. Dr. D.K. Dwivedi Zoology
17. Dr. Indu Shrivastava Zoology
18. Dr. Beena Singh Zoology
19. Dr. K.C. Gupta Zoology
20. Dr. Mukesh Dixit Zoology
21. Smt. Santosh Lal Sports
22. Dr. Kishor Arora Chemistry
23. Dr. A. K. Sharma Chemistry
24. Dr. D.P. Singh Geography
25. Dr. P.K. Gupta Commerce
26. Dr. Kumkum Mathur Fine Arts
27. Dr. Charu Chitra English
28. Dr. Mukesh Sharma English
29. Dr. Vedprakesh Zoology
30. Dr. K. K. Sharma Mathmatics
31. Dr. P. Mehta Chemistry
32. Dr. A. R. Sagar Sanskrit
33. Dr. Vipin Bansal Commerce
34. Dr. P. K. Bansal Commerce
35. Dr. Harish Agarwal Commerce
36. Dr. R. C. Upadhyaa Commerce
37. Dr. Kumkum Mathur Drwaing & Painting
38. Dr. Jaya Jain Drwaing & Painting
39. Dr. Amita Tiwari Home Science
40. Dr. Sunita Sharma Home Science
41 Dr. Lata Mishra English
42 Dr. Smita Shashrabudhe Music
43 Dr. Sonia Singh English
44 Dr. P.N. Khare Pol.Sc.
45 Dr. Kavita Agrawal Pol.Sc.

Refresher and Orientation

The college has organized two refresher courses in Hindi in year 1996 and 1997. Ninety Eight teachers participated in the refresher courses funded by U.G.C. Twenty teachers of theis college participated in refresher and orientation courses in corresponding subjects organized at different places in the country. Department of English has also organized a U.G.C. sponsored, refresher courses in 2002, 37 teachers participated in this refresher course. 22 Teachers from various Discipilnes Attended refresher and orientation during last 5 years.

Research Work

The college has research centres approved by the Jiwaji University, Gwalior in English, Hindi, History, Sociology, Pol. Sc., Home Sc., Sanskrit, Commerce, Fine Arts, Chemistry.Music,Geography and Philosophy. The inspection team which is to approve other departments of science faculty for research centres is about to visit shortly. 326 students have submitted their Ph.D. Theses in various Disciplines from our college during Decade.

Major projects -At Present college has 01 Major Projects via in Zoology Departments

Miscellaneous Academic Achievements

  • Major (Dr.) Asha Mathur (Ex-Principal) has been awarded Bharat Excellence Award.

  • Dr. Neeraj Goyal (History) Organized a workshop in "Khel Khel Mein" in Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.

  • Dr. Sandhya Pandey exhibited her paintings in Germany.

  • Dr. Kumkumm Mathur (Fine Arts) was honoured in a workshop organized on the eve of 50th Anniversary of freedom at Jabalpur.

  • Dr. Chhaya Sharma (Sanskrit) attended a seminar in Floria (U.S.A.)

  • Dr. Smita Sahastrabuddhe (Music) has been awarded a National fellowship for the duration of three years by the department of modern culture Government of India, New Delhi.

  • Dr. Mukesh Dixit has organized workshops in Internet for the last three consecutive years.

  • Dr. Kishor Arora has been awarded Rev. Fr. L.M. Yedamapalli Award by Indian Chemical Society, Kolkata.

  • Dr. Kishor Arora and Dr. M.D. Mishra has been ideal teacher award by Gwalior Vikas Samiti.

  • Dr. Sanjay Swarnkar awarded by commisnor of  M.P. Higher Education for virtual classes.

  • Dr. Awadesh Chansoliya awarded  from various literary societies of India.

  • Dr. C.S. Goswami awarded by Late. Laxman Singh Gour awarded from M.P. Higher Education.

Application of Modern Techniques in teaching

  • Audio visual devices for teaching are available in Botany, Zoology, Pol.Sc., Home Sc., Chemistry and Hindi Deptt.

  • Closed circuit T.V. is available lin Zoology for demonstration of dissections to the students.

  • Language lab is available lin Hindi Deptt. for teaching of modern Indian Languages and a Few foreigh language.

  • Internet facility is provided to the students and teachers to avail themn the unlimited treasures of knowledge.

  • 5 Smart classes rooms are available in various blocks of college.

  • 2 Digital display board are installed in college premises.

  • Autonomous building of college is well equipped with 16 CCTV Cameras. 

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